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Dualglass Media employs a graded density fiber matrix throughout the thickness of the media. The decreasing pore size yields maximum particulate capacity by utilizing the media's entire depth. The synergy of the Dualglass Media pack, delivers the high efficiencies required to meet and maintain target cleanliness levels without sacraficing capacity or restricing flow. Support mesh assures media integrity and pleat spacing even under dynamic flow conditions. These filter elements are tested to perform under the most challenging industrial and mobile applications.  hydraulic filter


Dualglass Features:

  • Cleanliness range - beta1> = 200 to beta 60 >=200
  • Temperature range - -45 F to 225 F (Nitrile seals), -20F to 250F (Viton seals)
  • Collapse pressure range - up to 3000 psid
  • Element size range - 5 gpm to 300 gpm
  • Fluid Capability - (ISO 2943) high water based fluids, petrolium fluids, water gycols, oil-water emulslions. Viton seals required for phosphate esters, diesters, and specified synthetics.

Dualglass Advantages:

  • Reduced life cycle costs
  • Better fluid cleanliness
  • Longer element life
  • Higher dirt capacities (see performance testing)
  • Coreless design available
  • Extend component life
  • Mobile equipment rated elements

Hydraulic filter elements also available in the following media options:
Stainless Fiber, Stainless Wire Mesh, Water Removal, and Cellulose


List of Companies
AC  Ag Chem Group 
Ag One  Aircraft Porous Media 
Alamo  ALCO 
Allis Chalmbers  Allison Transmission 
Ambac  Arburg 
Argo  Arlon (See Fairey Arlon) 
Army-Navy  Artikel 
Baldwin  Bea Filtri 
Bell  Bendix 
Blount  Bomag 
Bombardier  Bosch 
Boy  Brueninghaus Hydromatik 
Can-Flo  Carquest 
Case  Caterpillar 
Champ  Cincinnati Milicron 
Clark  Commercial 
Coopers  Cross 
Cuno  Cyclone 
Delaware Manitou  Deluxe 
Demag  Demag Ergotech 
Denison  Des Case 
Diagnetics  Ditch Witch 
Donaldson  Dresser 
Dyna Pac  Ebara 
EPE  Euclid 
F.B.O.  Facet 
Fairey Arlon  Falk 
Filt  Filtersoft 
Filtrec  Filtri 
Filu  Finn 
Fleetguard  Flexible Corp. 
Fluidtech  Flux Filter 
Ford  FPC 
Gardner Denver  General Electric 
GMC  Gresen 
Grove  Hagie 
Hastings  Haulpak 
HDA  Heil 
Hiab  Hilco 
Hitachi  Husky 
Hy-Dynamics  Hy-Pro 
Hycoa  Hycon 
HYDAC (See Hycon)  Hydra-Mac 
Hydreco  IHC 
Indufil  Ingersol 
Ingersoll Rand  International Harvester 
Internormen  JLG 
John Deere  Joy 
JSW  Kamat Pump 
Kassbohrer   Kaydon 
Kobelco  Koehring 
Komatsu  Kralinator 
Leach  Lenz 
Leroi  LHA 
Link Belt  Lorain 
Luber-Finer  Lucas 
Magerle  Mahle 
Mann  Mann Roland 
Marion  Marvel 
Massey Ferguson  McMaster Carr 
McNeilus  Modina 
Moog  Mopar 
Morbark  Motorcraft 
MP Filtri  MTS Systems 
Muncie  Mycom 
Napa  National Air Filter 
National Filter  National Filtration 
Nelson  New Holland 
Norco  Norman 
Norman Ultraporous  Nugent 
Nustar  O&K 
Orion  Oshkosh 
Owatonna  P & H Harnischfeger 
Palfinger  Pall 
Parker  Parker Arlon = Fairey Arlon 
Perry  PM 
Porous Media  Prentice 
Prince  PTI 
Purolator  Putzmeister 
Quaker State  Racine 
Ready To Power  Reed Drill 
Reinhausen  Rexnord 
Rexroth  Rimpull 
Ripley  Rosco 
Ryco  SAE Auto ID 
Santasalo  Savara 
Schmeck Pegasus  Schroeder 
Schwing  Separation Technologies 
Servolife  Servtek 
SMC  Sofrance 
Sommermeyer  Stauff 
Steiger  Sullair 
Sumitomo  Sunstrand 
Swing America  Taisei Kogyo 
Tamrotor  TEC-FIL 
Tennant  Terex 
Timber Jack  Timberland 
Torite  Toro 
Towmotor  Tuxco Caddy 
UCC  Unitech 
United Engine Life  Universal 
Unknown  USNR 
V Engineering  Van Dorn Demag 
Vermeer  Versatile 
Vickers  Vogel 
Vokes  Western 
Westinghouse  Wix 
Woodgate  YSK 
Zeichung  Zinga 
Zirkon Web   



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