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What makes LAKOS different is what makes LAKOS better.

Not just solids removal, but also the concentration and transfer of separated solids (with little or no liquid loss) to your choice of solids-handling device. Reduced liquid waste. Reduced solids waste handling...and costs. Reduced space, processing and maintenance. Proven payback value.

Effective solids removal performance is engineered into every model series and matched with your choice from a wide range of purging & solids-handling systems to assemble specific solutions for your specific problems. Complete
systems. Engineered compatibility. Simplified, one source purchasing. Easy installation.
Reliable start-up and operation. Dependability you can trust.

LAKOS has been providing innovative and adaptable solutions for over 25 years throughout the world.
Experienced and systems-oriented, LAKOS welcomes your application challenges.

You can remove solids from liquids with a variety of products.
You know the drawbacks of traditional filtration.
You have the opportunity to make a much better choice.

LAKOS Separators employ centrifugal action to remove troublesome solids from liquids.
To extend the effective life of process liquids.
Toprotect process equipment from abrasive wear and fouling.
To control or eliminate waste liquid/solids. To reduce downtime & maintenance.
To keep your fluid systems operating at optimum efficiency.

* No screens, cartridges, cones or filter elements to clean or replace.
* No routine maintenance or downtime requirements.Lakos
* No moving parts to wear out.
* No backwashing.
* No standby equipment needs
* Low & steady pressure loss.
* Easily automated.


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The potential for LAKOS Separators exists in virtually all fluid flow systems, particularly in the applications noted below. Put our experience to work solving your toughest problems. Compare your operating costs to the payback value LAKOS offers in these areas. Call us for immediate and specific application assistance.

Spray nozzle & small orifice protection. Avoid fouling, clogging and/or abrasive wear. Eliminate excessive downtime, maintenance and/or parts replacements.


Prevent excessive solids accumulation in pits, sumps & tanks. Cooling tower basins. Quench pits. Parts washing tanks. Eliminate solids build-up and the inevitable shutdowns, shovelling & maintenanceroutines. Avoid solids-induced bacteria growth and premature liquid disposal.

Extend the life of finer filtration & water treatment systems. Reduce fine-micron cartridge consumption with the pre-removal of larger solids (see Performance at right). Extend the operating cycles of filter elements and water treatment processes. Reduce maintenance, downtime and filter media replacement costs.

Heat exchanger protection. Control solids fouling. Remove precipitated grit & scale. Maintain optimum system efficiencies and avoid excessive energy loss.

Waste minimization. Extend the life of process liquids by removing troublesome solids. Concentrate separated solids for easy disposal or recovery/re-use. Reduce your EPA-regulated waste status for significant process-related savings.

With product options to satisfy even the toughest applications, LAKOS Separators can be specified for a wide range of solids-removal solutions.

LAKOS: Successfully applied in all industries: * Automotive-Pre-wash & pre-paint stations, deluge processes. * Food Processing-Bulk pre-washing, process liquid recycling, fry oil reclamation. * Primary Metals-Quench systems, spray nozzles & descaling operations, hot strip mills, rolling mills, scrap recovery. * Process Cooling-Heat exchanger protection, compressor jackets, pump seals, open & closed loop recirculation, heat pumps. * Chemical Processing-Liquid recycling, pre-filtration, waste minimization. * Municipal Services-Source water sand & grit removal, wastewater pre-treatment, water conditioning systems. * Machine Tool Operations-Coolant recycling, parts washing, wire processing, pit/sump scavenging, scrap recovery. * Vehicle Wash Systems-Cars, busses, trucks, trains. Pit/sump scavenging, wash water re-use without detergent/chemical stripping. * Mining Operations-Recycling, solids recovery, leach processes. * Pulp & Paper Mills-Plant intake water, black liquor, process recycling. * HVAC Comfort Cooling Systems-Spray nozzle protection, basin scavenging, bacteria control through reduced solids accumulation, heat exchangers, reduced blowdown & chemical usage, energy savings. * Fuel Distribution Systems-Jet fuel, kerosene, gasoline. * Petrochemicals-Waterflood injection, brine filtration, salt domes, offshore platforms, frac water, process liquid recycling.

Also- Power plants, industrial laundries, paint spray booths, glass & plastics, fire protection systems, wetscrubbers, pump intake screening, water well pump protection and more.

Particle size vs. particle weight. Centrifugal separation employs the principles of velocity and gravity to achieve performance. Essentially, heavier particles (indicated by higher specific gravity ratings, see chart at right) can be removed more easily and at predictably smaller particle sizes (see graph above).

Improved performance when recirculating liquids. The continuous recirculation of a given liquid through a LAKOS Separator will predictably and noticeably remove an increasingly greaterpercentage of even finer solids (see graph above). Field andlaboratory proven, this attribute can also be achieved with two-stage "super separators" and is especially valuable where liquids & chemicals are expensive or where solids-contaminated liquid disposal is costly or regulated.

Fibrous solids & larger particles. Anticipating the need to remove large and fibrous solids as well as (or even instead of) very fine solids clearly reinforces the versatility and value of LAKOS Separators. Limited only by the clearance of theseparator's internal tangential slots or annular transfer ring, LAKOS Separators can remove solids from as large as 1/4-inch (6 mm) up to 2-inches (51 mm). Consult your LAKOSrepresentative for specific details.

The actual flow rate of your system is key to proper model selection. Internal accessibility enables the removal of unusually large or difficult solids and provides for internal coatings to protect against corrosive/aggressive liquids/solids. Satisfying all the material and manufacturing requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, LAKOS also offers A.S.M.E. Code construction. Additional specifications and options are as follows:

Maximum Pressure Rating: 150 psi (1055 kPa); higher pressures also available

Pressure Loss Range: 4.5-12 psi (32-85 kPa)

Inlet/Outlet Flanges: 150 lb., ANSI, Raised Face; also available with DIN flanges, BSP pipe threads and other types.
Material Specifications: Standard carbon steel; also available in stainless steel, cupro-nickel, fiberglass-reinforced polyester (FRP), Monel(TM)clad steel, AR steel (abrasion-resistant), titanium, low-alloy steel,industrial-grade PVC plastic (KXL Series) and U.S.D.A. approved materials. Consult factory for special requirements.

Special Coatings: Epoxy, Scotchkote(TM), Kanigen(TM)nickel, Techthane(TM).

Process Treatments: Electropolished, electroplated, heat-treated, sand-blasted (unpainted), primer only.

Other Options: Low or vertical profiles, exterior modifications, high pressure construction, packaged/multi-stage/skid systems and more.

PREP Systems: Complete separation/solids transfer/solids-handling packages with proper support stands, flanged spools, pressure gauges and selected spare parts for the automatic purge valve
Your complete and exclusive LAKOS solution includes not only the removal of unwanted solids from your process liquid flows, but also the concentration, collection and placement of those separated solids where desired and in the condition desired.

Automatic purging and other devices provide efficient means for effective solids transfer from any LAKOS Separator. Specially designed solids-collection systems offer a range of handling options to satisfy the toughest requirements.

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* Continuous bleed valves.

* LAKOS Automatic Purge Valves (choice of standard motorized ball, pneumatic pinch and fail-safe pneumatic ball; specialty valves also available).

* LAKOS Purge Diffusers (controls splashing & turbulence when purging into open vessels).

* LAKOS Purge Liquid Concentrators (automatically reduces purge liquid loss by as much as 98% compared to open purging).

* LAKOS Bleed Coils (controls liquid loss during a continuous bleed of separated solids).


* LAKOS Closed Liquid Recovery Systems-- Captures separated solids in easy-to-handle purge collector bag. Zero liquid loss potential.

Single bag housing--360 cubic inches (6 liters).
Double bag assembly--720 cubic inches (12 liters).
Triple bag housing--1,080 cubic inches (18 liters).

* LAKOS Drum Shroud Decant System-- Utilizes the full solids-collection capacity of a standard 55-gallon drum, allowing excess purged liquid to decant/return to system use or to a suitable drain (see illustration at right).Capacity:
12,700 cubic inches (208 liters).

* LAKOS Rollaway Hoppers-- High-capacity solids collection, internal weir for cleaner liquid decant and convenient rollers for easy handling.

1/2-yard model--20,736 cubic inches (339 liters).
One-yard model--41,472 cubic inches (680 liters).


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