Oil Purification Equipment

Engineered Filtration, Inc. are experts in the field of oil purification equipment. Our filtration equipment is designed to remove water from oil; filter particulate out of oil; correct oxidation; correct total acid number (TAN), among others. We have the ability to offer custom engineered oil purification products to solve your oil filtration problems. Some of the oils we specialize in are:

  • Turbine Oil
  • Paper Machine Oil
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Quench Oil
  • Seal Oil
  • Automotive Oil
  • Compressor Seal Oil
  • Centrifuge Applications


Pumping & Filtration Equipment

Pumping stations include a pump and motor with filter vessel(s). These systems are designed from 2 GPM up to 5,000 GPM. Systems can also include heaters, bag filters strainers or cartridge filters. Both standard and custom engineered designs are available.

TORE - Pressure Coalescence System / Turbine Oil Conditioner

Our Turbine Oil Reclamation Equipment (TORE) is designed to remove harmful water and particulate from turbine lube oil reservoirs. Water is removed by coalescing the smaller drops into larger drops. As the water droplets get larger, they break away from the coalescer and fall to the bottom of the vessel. An automatic water drain opens when the water level hits the high point and water is drained by gravity and system pressure to drain. This system will remove free, emulsified and dissolved water to 150 ppm. ISO Cleanliness Codes are maintained well below OEM specifications.

Compressor Seal Oil Purification Equipment

Removes water, particulate and gases (such as hydrogen sulfides) from compressor seal oil. These systems are commonly used in oil refining and oil field applications. Systems are available for refrigeration compressor oil as well

Weather you are replacing existing Bowser filtration equipment or supplementing Bowser lube oil equipment, we can help increase filtration efficiency. Additionally, we offer portable filter carts, transformer high vacuum systems, low vacuum systems, oil systems, compressor oil purification systems, seal oil purification, custom engineering, vacuum dehydration, industrial oil purifiers, de gasification, fullers earth and other types of oil filtration equipment to correct color, total acid number (TAN) and/or remove water, moisture, gases, particulate, light end volatiles from industrial oils and lubricants

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